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Zhejiang Longsheng Aquatic Products Co., Ltd., founded in 1993, is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise. It develops, studies and produces surimi from natural and wild deep-sea fish. It has become the main professional surimi manufacturer in China, specializing in the production of "Longsheng" brand frozen surimi.

Our company has expanded three branches in the field, Wenling Longsheng, Hubei Jingzhou Zhongke Longsheng, Guangdong Yangjiang Longsheng. Four Longsheng companies have many kinds of surimi, such as minced fish, brass basin surimi, golden thread surimi, white aunt surimi, dried surimi and freshwater surimi. High elasticity, unique natural flavor but no fishy smell, good taste, high whiteness, very suitable for making all kinds of fish balls, fish cakes, fish rolls, imitation crab meat, fish ham and sausage, can fully meet the requirements of different levels of conditioning food production.

Adhere to market-oriented, technology-based support, Wenling Longsheng also independently as Longsheng raw material supplier, to ensure stable supply, never subject to seasonal constraints. At the same time, our four factories are operated in accordance with the international food safety management system, which can make you safer and safer when using our products. We will do our best to provide you with the most perfect service.

Wenling Longsheng independently develops and innovates surimi products with different flavors and shapes. It is an industry chain that integrates raw material processing and sales, and is deeply loved by consumers.

Longsheng insists on strict quality control system to ensure the whole production process, "pursuing excellent quality and achieving customer satisfaction" is our eternal belief. Sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad to establish business cooperation with us.

Corporate culture

In many companies, culture may simply be a loud slogan hanging on the wall. In Longsheng, culture has already been a spirit flowing through every inch of the enterprise's body and a belief from the heart of every employee.

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