Marine Fish Surimi Series

Fresh and high-quality deep-water fish from the East China Sea are selected as raw materials. They are rich in protein, DHA, OMEGA oil, vitamins and various trace elements. They can completely replace imported surimi. They are widely used in the production of simulated crab meat, simulated shrimp meat, crab forceps, fish balls, sausage, chafing dish and other conditioning foods.

Marine fish gills of various companies

  • Zhejiang Longsheng

    Mixed fish, yellow croaker, brass potted fish, white croaker, hairtail and other surimi.
  • Wenling Longsheng

    Mixed fish, yellow croaker, brass fish, hairtail and other surimi.
  • Yangjiang Longsheng

    Mixed fish, goldthread fish, bronze basin fish and other surimi.
  • Zhejiang Longsheng

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  • Wenling Longsheng

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  • Yangjiang Longsheng

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  • Jingzhou Zhongke Longsheng

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